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Import and sales of honey from


Kyrgyz honey known as luxury honey all over the world.

White honey from the At-Bashi valley in Kyrgyzstan

which won the gold medal, the highest award at the world beekeeping competition in which 140 countries participate.

We confidently deliver various types of Kyrgyz honey under strict in-house control from production to import and sales.

Once you eat it, you will find a taste that you will never forget.

事業内容: Биография

About our honey

We will sell safe and high quality products from the Republic of Kyrgyzstan through the following efforts.

A contract has been signed with Taabaldy, a beekeeper with 40 years of experience in apiary management.

Signing a contract with a beekeeping farm that has a wealth of experience and achievements we can steadily import high quality honey.

Recruiting experienced beekeepers into our ranks in the future, we will strive to supply a wide range of honey from Kyrgyzstan.

About Taabaldy's Beekeeping Garden:

It was founded in 1991 by the beekeeper Taabaldy Baatyraliev with the independence of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan. 
Using the rich experience of working with bees in the vast nature of Kyrgyzstan, produces an abundant amount of high quality honey annually.
In the past, harvested honey was supplied to the state and harvested about 16 tons of honey annually.
Taabaldy's Honey Bee Garden HP: 


Beekeeper: Mr.Taabaldy Batyraliev

事業内容: Биография

Arienta has set its own trading standards to ensure high quality honey.

Our veterinarian specializing in beekeeping science is enrolled in the field with the cooperation of experienced beekeepers.

We carry out the following strict quality control and inspection to understand and manage the state of production. We will continue to import and provide safe honey that meets these standards:

事業内容: Биография
Пчелы на работе

・ Thorough temperature control

・ Sugar syrup detection test

・ Pesticide inspection .​

・ Antibiotic test

・ Pollen inspection (identification of honey source plants)

・ Confirmation test of functionality (antibacterial activity)

事業内容: Биография
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