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Gift from Kyrgyz

High mountain polyfloral honey “Toktogul”

Dandelion honey

Holy clover honey

 Mountain polyfloral honey “Suusamyr”

ARIENTA HONEY from Kyrgyz 4 kinds are now available!

These delicious raw honeys are unheated, pesticide-free, and antibiotic-free.

Our Honey

We carefully select from among the honey produced by our contract apiaries  and by the members of the Arienta beekeeping team in Kyrgyz, honey that has passed the following inspections conducted by our company, that is, honey that meets the "Arienta Trading Standards" and is of a particularly good quality.

Therefore, the lineup changes from year to year, but we will introduce the honeys that are in season.

Don't miss out on the high quality honey of the year!

"Arienta Trading Standards"

  Sugar syrup detection test

     Only 100% honey without added sugar such as syrup is provided.

  Pesticide test

     Only honey with no pesticides that has been measured to be "undetectable" is considered clear.

  Antibiotics test

     Only antibiotic-free honey that has passed the "No Detection" test is considered as cleared.

  Pollen test (identification of nectar source plants)

           We identify the information of pollen contained in honey.

  Functionality (antibacterial activity) confirmation test

           We measure the antimicrobial activity of honey to enhance the immune system by TA(value).

           Only honey that shows more than the standard value will have the TA value listed on the package.

Please taste the bounty of nature nurtured by bees living in the majestic land of Kyrgyz.

Product Details


Holy clover honey

The moment you taste this honey, you will be immediately struck by the aroma of holly clover.
The taste is mild and has a clean aftertaste.
Holy clover honey is yellow and translucent at first, but gradually becomes white and crystallized, and its texture can be enjoyed.
This texture can change with time and temperature, but after the honey is collected, it is stirred and creamed to ensure a creamy, crystalline texture at all times.
It is best stored at +15 to +16 degrees Celsius to prevent loss of nutrients and aroma.
It is recommended to be eaten as a topping for bread, etc., on cakes or yogurt. The pollen ratio is high because the honey is collected in a basin where the entire area is covered with holy clover.
It has won a gold medal at the World Beekeeping Congress for its high quality.

Location: At-Bashi region
Collection Period: July 2021 
Antimicrobial activity value: TA11+.
Production apiary: Taabaldi's Honeybee Garden

Якорь 3

Dandelion honey

This honey is made from the dandelion that blooms in the Atbasi region, which is rich in nature.
It is characterized by its dark yellow color and strong viscosity. It has a unique, rich sweetness that fills the mouth.
Dandelion honey is rare and limited in quantity because it crystallizes quickly and in many cases the bees eat it before the honey is collected.
It is marked with an antibacterial activity value of TA15+, and it boosts the immune system.

Location:At-Bashi region 
Collection Period: July 2021   
Antimicrobial activity value: TA15 + 


Якорь 2

High mountain polyfloral honey “Toktogul”

This is a hundred-flower nectar collected in the Toktogul region, which is rich in nature.
It has a dark amber color and a unique sweetness, and is composed of various flowers, including medicinal herbs.
This honey also contains pollen from herbs that have long been used in folk medicine for their detoxifying effects, and it also has high antibacterial activity, with an antibacterial activity number of TA15+.
Please enjoy this highly nutritious honey from the Toktogul Plateau, where flowers of various medicinal herbs bloom.

Location:Toktogul region 
Date of collection: July 2021    
Antimicrobial activity value: TA15+
Production apiary: Cholpon's Honeybee Garden

Якорь 1

Mountain polyfloral honey “Suusamyr”

This is fragrant, multy-flower nectar collected in the rich natural lands of Suusamyr.

It is composed of nectars from a variety of flowers grown in the highlands, and has a rich sweetness and floral aroma.

Many of the flowers grown in this region have been used in folk medicine for centuries. Most of beekeepers express their opinion that bees from this region who consume these flowers on a daily basis are stronger and live longer than bees from other regions.

Enjoy the honey and get efficient nutritional intake.

Location: Suusamyr region  
Collection Period: July 2021    

Map of production area






Located in the largest geographical district of Kyrgyzstan. This region has a thriving livestock industry.

Honey clover is cultivated in large quantities because it is useful for livestock farming.

Products> Holly Clover Honey

     Dandelion Honey


Toktogul region

The area is famous for its honey, and the valley is The abundance of flowers and herbs.  The honey of this region has a unique aroma of herbs. The "Toktogul" honey has a unique aroma of mountain nature.

Products> High mountain polyfloral honey “Toktogul”


Suusamyr region 

Unique high mountain valley among leaning towards the sky peaks on the land located on degree more than 3,000 meters.  Barley, holly clover, herbs, etc. are cultivated in the approximately 12,000 hectares of cultivated land, and the beautiful nature spreads out.

Products>Mountain polyfloral honey “Suusamyr”


Якорь 4


Taabaldi's Honeybee Farm

Our affiliated apiary. Based in the Atbashi basin.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, this apiary was created as a mobile apiary by the current director, Mr.Taabaldy Batyraliev.

With love and respect for nature and bees, the director's family has been beekeeping bees while moving around in the wilderness.

With over 40 years of beekeeping experience, the family produces an abundance of high quality honey and trains beekeepers.

Products> Holly Clover Honey / Dandelion Hone

Cholpon's Honeybee Garden

Located in the Toktogul region. He has been a beekeeper for three generations since 1981, and her family still runs the apiary.

Ms. Cholpon, who currently heads the apiary, is one of the few female beekeepers in Kyrgyzstan. She is real leader among female beekeepers in Kyrgyzstan.

Her apiary is located amidst the mountains where the roads are not well maintained. Cholpon produces high quality honey full of the blessings of the highland herbs that bloom at any given time. highland herbs that bloom at any given time. She is a member of our Arienta beekeeping team.

Product>High mountain polyfloral honey “Toktogul”

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