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Creamed Honey with Barrel of Holy Clover, 300g

(with stick)


Holy clover honey is collected at Taabaldi Apiary (our contract apiary) in the magnificent nature of Kyrgyzstan.
Holy clover honey is also known as "white honey" due to its crystallizing properties.
The honey is filled in a wooden barrel, which is pretty on the table and makes a great gift.


About the product

Holy clover honey collected in the wilds of Kyrgyzstan.

The aroma of the holly clover spreads in the mouth as soon as you eat it, and the taste is mild with a clean aftertaste.
The honey has a yellow, translucent appearance after collection, but it gradually turns white and crispy as it crystallizes.
This cream type honey is stirred and creamed after collection so that the creamy, crystalline texture can be enjoyed at any time of the year. It is best stored at +15 to +16 degrees Celsius to prevent loss of nutrients and aroma. It is recommended to be eaten as a topping on bread, cakes, or yogurt.
The pollen ratio is high because the nectar is collected in a basin where the entire area is covered with holy clover, and the pollen ratio is high because the pollen is collected in a basin where the entire area is covered with holy clover.

It has even won a gold medal at the World Beekeeping Congress for its quality.

About our honey

We manage under strict temperature control and
we have cleared the following inspections conducted by our company.

         ・Pesticide residues

         ・Residual antibiotics

         ・Sugar syrup detection inspection

         ・Pollen inspection

         ・Confirmation inspection of functionality

How to open this product

(1) Pinch the middle knob with your fingers and turn it toward the arrow, then lift up the lid.

② When you open the outer lid of ①, it is sealed with aluminum material. We are here. Be careful of the red part with a knife etc. Please cut it out.

(3)Please remove all aluminum material before serving.

It comes in a wooden container, making it pretty on the table and ideal as a gift. Beeswax is used for the container adhesive and coating, and no chemical ingredients are used.


Product Dimensions: Diameter 8 cm x Height 9 cm (Stick 16 cm)
Content quantity: 300g
Country of origin: Kyrgyz Republic


Do not give to infants under 1 year old.
Black dots may be mixed in, but they are pollen from nature and do not pose a quality problem.

About Taabaldi apiaries

It was established in 1991 with the independence of the Kyrgyz Republic by the beekeeping director, Mr. Batyraliev Taabaldi. As our contract beekeeping garden, we provide honey. Mr. Taabaldi, who is also the current director, was born in 1943 and is familiar with Tarbaldi among local beekeepers and has more than 40 years of experience as a beekeeper. The tools such as the hive are also handmade by the grandfather, and move with bees in the vast nature of Kyrgyzstan every day and collect honey.

We try to keep the bees in a more natural environment, even in the winter when there are no flowers. We have been producing high quality honey in abundance every year without feeding any artificial sweeteners.

Mr. Taabaldi has nurtured them with love and passion. We hope you will enjoy the "gift" from the bees.


Creamed Honey with Barrel of Holy Clover

(with stick)

<Limited edition> 

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